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Sample award

Send me Tank pics or stories!

If you have any Tank related stories or any kind of pictures like fanart etc. or even gifs don't hesitate to send me some at my email below & better yet I will send you a personalized Gratitude award(seen above sample) with your name thanking you, & it can be just by sending one picture so if you send anithing Tank related you'll get the award ok.Don't forget to link the award to this site if you get it.Be sure to send me your name & email please.

ALERT!: Howdy , This site is dedicated to WW2 Tanks & armor related mixed with some Anime, this site does not try to glorify any political views of formal Axis or Alies , if you send me anithing like pictures stories or suggestions let it be clean so anybody of any age can enjoy the site. The pictures of Tanks will eventually get to color(also we'll get to air & sea)