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" Tank Boy "

by :


edited by :


Original Military Story

Rated : PG - 13 for Suggested Themes

General / Adventure

Property of Eddie and Michellel Bobe. Not for public or private use without the permission of the Author . All Rights Reserved .

A / N : Mini series to be continued in the near future .

Prologue :

Back in the late 90s just before Easter and the Terrorist Attack on the Twin Towers I heard this story about this incident and later on I heard the rest of it, Its not that I dont believe it, but, I dont want to meet the people who do believe in it and want to ask me "questions", its bad enough about the stuff I know of the Counter Earth down here in Area 52 Lower Antillies sector, it is I just do not need any further hassels from people who claim to supposivly work for the feds. or are the feds. . . .



I dont know how it happened; a bite from a radioactive bug , being secretly a subject of some super mind builder hypnosis lead by a secret government scientific think tank, some sort of mutant DNA activation , a portal to supernatural / normal activity from the past, maybe I was born in some sort of counter universe and somehow got switched into this one, but , I dont think I have much time to worry about it , you see , I have this "skill ", and , find it useful now and then, it began a few days before Easter back in the 6th grade, the year before .


I had it that day with the usual B.S. from the class clowns , they decided to teach me a lesson, on the way home . Usually when I tangle with the mini - gang , the three of them would corner me , I had good luck theyre fighting moves were about as high as their I.Q. They came at me one at a time ( too chicken to attack in mass , by literally throwing one of their members at me) , I knew some Judo that I learned from my brother's Summer College course ( tagging along the Instructor / Sensei unofficially let me take the course too, I help set up the Dojo/Judo Hall, ect.).


Howie ( the leader of the mini - gang ) also known as the Rat Pack , with his boys Mike and Josh had 6" inch steel bars in their hands to give their punches more force . I think it gave them more discomfort that it did me . I yelled at them to wise up , they should have gotten 12 " inch bars, at least they could try to hit me with it .


I learned my lesson , never make fun of a stupid beast , they did something they never did before, they all attacked me at the same time .


School the next day Howie , Mike , Josh were my best friend , it seems the Rat Pack dissolved itself, in favor of joining my club . They were fanatics of anime comic books A.K.A. manga , Video Games , magazines , action figures , DVDs and all the sub -sub culture that goes with it .

They were so into it that they wished they could at least meet an Anime Super Hero or help them ( qualifying as second rate flunkies , or, even minor background characters ) .

In other words lowly background characters and work theyre way up to flunkies ( they would gladly help their favorite anime babes in their missions even if it meant delivering their pizza ) .


I told them dont abuse and I would accept their help when needed and report to my uncle .

When that was less than a day ago ...



I was getting plummeted against the wall , giving out as good as I was getting when we all heard that noise .


Suddenly a squished rat appeared on the side wall of the alley , with a smell of exhaust and mechanical sound of something the size of a bathtub coming at us , ugly thing , with an opening on top big enough for a man .

That turning and clunking sound when it stood between me and a now running mini - gang . Then it turned around to face me .


I moved , it moved , before I knew it , it was following me ... " Hey kid , kinda big radio controlled bathtub you got there" ... yelled a passing mailman . . . " Yeah , whatever " ... I mumbled back .


At an alley a dog tried to jump into the bathtub but I swear to God I didnt know that it had a machine gun, or, where it came from, but, I think the dog sensed something was very wrong and left the machine alone .


I crawled home with my clanking toy behind me , luckily my Uncle J had a workshop in a second floor apartment. He had expanded the first floor to hold 2 extra cars and later told my mom that the bathtub was his and that I had helped him built it .

He told me he saw the bathtub in an old video about IL DUCE reviewing troops in Rome back in the 1930 's during a parade .


Uncle explained he was an old style cult dictator who helped start WWII .


" Oh ... " I said . My uncle told me the machine that followed me home was called a Tankette, a poor mans version of a tank / an early mini version of a armor personal carrier , as a web page entitled Tanks "R" Us explained.


They might had had some use between the World Wars but were obsolete when WWII began in September 1939 .


The mini - gang exclaimed " WOOW , sugoi man ", it didnt help that they lived across the street(they were all brothers) and they had followed me home . I tried to digest what my uncle told me as that runt of a tank look like some love - sick puppy as it turned around to face me .

" Wheres the control to it , uncle J ? " I asked .

" I dunno kid , but it seems to take you as its leader , Id like to find out how it keeps up refilling itself with fuel and maintains itself by itself . "


As the days passed I learned if I gave it a command it would obey it and I told it to hang around uncle J for a while(he eventually got it to carry his tools around,and, it got on the back of his large pickup via a ramp, also he told it to be cool about the m.g. for now).



A month later ... at school there was a fire drill and being a rainy day we were assembled in the gym when 2 suspended students walked in with cross bows the kind that had those multiple steel arrow holders to the sides .


The gym teacher Mr. Rosario screamed as a bow pierced the fleshly cartlage of his left knee cap . Me and two of the former mini - gang got him to a first aid kit in the Gym Office but the bleeding was too heavy and Rosario passed out with a pale look to his face.


After that the bolt leader came in furiously and asked what we were doing .

" Somebodys gotta be punished for helping this Son of a Bitch "... as he held the cross bow at Howie and me .

A second later there was a scream as that born loser had a ceiling tile hit him on the head .


Later when we saw the school internal video and the TV station footage that had been shown a million times worldwide on TV, already when the announcer later said was a vintage T - 34 USSR medium short barrel tank, it headed at first aimless like , then bolted towards the office , the weird thing is I could see it all in my mind, everybody ran from the gym into the school yard where the local police was in position, along with a news van.


The T - 34 rolled into the office and turned its turret and cannon at the cross bolt leader, he screamed again especially as he shot himself in the foot and fainted ( as he fell down his leg was still upwards comically bolted by his ankel to the floor) .


My family must have seen it a hundred times on CNN but we still cant shake what happened to that tank that seemed to disappear in that crumbling gym wall where it originally entered and chased the other cross bow guy out into the school yard ( he ran right into the police ) .


Later on KBUL was accused to this day, even making it to the syndicated episode of Unsolved Mysteries, of somehow faking the footage to win an national T.V. award.

Meanwhile the cross bow terrorist both got life sentences without parole ( they both sued and failed to get damages from the County for the use of excessive force namely the T - 34 tank ) , the County to this day is still trying to find the owner of the tank, and, the Russian Consulate swears that it was not sold from any of their Historic Stocks of armour in the many military museums in their homeland.

A week later Uncle J who used to be in the Navy arranged a meeting for us with a pal of his . Hed look like a suit , a lawyer type , quite friendly didnt talk crap .


This agent ( Howie called him "The Head " after a popular Music type Sci-Fi channel show ) .


They both knew each other before High School , joined the Navy together and served in BLACK OPS. for the last years of the Cold War to Desert Storm .


" Ill tell you kid , we dont have a dark agenda , we work decentralize , so we dont have a fancy showplace like supposedly people who dress in black have, we do not have a wheelcahir genius running a school for special kids in upstate New York " he said sarcastically referring to the famous make believe area 54 Men in Black,or, a group of preteen heroes. '


"This gives us more leeway to do our job and get rid of big egos who want to further their carriers using people who have " special abilities " , you help us and will help you , its as simple as that, so think ' bout it . "




About 2 weeks later my other uncle got into trouble , another one this time on my father s side . Hes got a profile problem so the local cops like to pick him up . He's a proffesor and has brown skin, enough to associate with any male brown skin who looks like a potential Mid - East terrorist ( about 12 ˝% the world's population ) ,and, dresses Indian style(lives there with two wives and has 6 kids , met his future wives and married them when he studied for a proffesorship of Far Eastern Religions back in the seventies). My mom said the Federal Government should stop illegal profiling and she has spoken to a local pastor who was trying to get it under control in the local community .



Two days later on the intersection of Andrew St . and Anderson Av . near the condemned house in the corner, well me and my uncle went to pick up a pizza pie at " Pizza House " with the ducks outside in the pond and the road always alert for a free handout of cheese .


As we walked round the corner we saw a police cruiser pull up blinding us with its lights as the officer checked us out , we heard the usual complaint , that we were in a corner asking for cigarettes and money , my Uncle Tomás wanted to know , what was the call number for the complaint but the police officer turn on his flashers to blind us even more and was going to arrest us for disturbing the peace ( pre - 9 -11 suspicions/stupiedities ) .

My uncle said this was just a violation of our rights profiling us but the police officer said he didnt give a damn about that when suddenly 4 black vans pulled up and we saw from a flood light two men in the window of a for sale condemned house filming us, and, a helicopter was over head, then loud speakers were heard ordering a cease and desist order to the that particular sheriff's deputy.


Meanwhile KBUL , who had been leaked about this civil rights story, was there as their van pulled along with a surprised supervising patrol sergeant who was pulling in his patrol car escorted by a pair of Dark Sedans full of Federal Marshals.


The following day on N_C News the B XXX Presidency has approved a plan by the attorney general to use federal marshals to help enforce the 4th amendment and stop abuse by a few local law enforcement people who had not gotten the message/ignored the fact that profiling is illegal.


Again and again we saw on C_S News the sheriff deputy profiling us , he was being told to stand down , that his supervisor was being called, ect. After that report the mid - state counties had the lowest rate of false arrest and profiling in the pan handle region of the state .



- 4 years later -


It was a full moon, near the Reed Sea Guft Area, Middle East, the smell of spent diesel fumes was in the air, BOOM!, the sound register a micro-second after the flash, the thunder of anti aircraft and anti missile defense alarms going off, and, then silence, as the smell of burnt things filled the air. Later the Commander of the Special OPs offshore Task Force reviewed the live feed from the overhead spy drones, smoke bombs were going off, looking like a cheap Hollywood special effects for a B- War Movie.


Various types of Armour just faded into the picture, and, began their deadly work. Awful lots of money spent on a now useless anti-cruise missile system, thought the Admiral, as none were used. One Tank Destroyer appeared point blank range at a bunker enterence, here the "Elephant", took aim at the steel doors and fired. Shell after shell poured in, until a small opening appeared at the partially caved in and cracked steel doors. Then the WWII Tank Destroyer backed out, as a Brummbar(Grizzley Bear) with a 15cm. howitzer pulled in, it fired only once, it was too much for the left door, now a flight of 38 Rocket Launch Projectors from 12 Projectors( it was a Sturmmorser that had appeared, as the Admiral was shown a guidebook from a aide), fired at a set of secondary doors and inner wall of the breached Bunker.

That unit left and finally a Churchill pulled in with a carriage towed behind it, to become a Crocodile Flame Thrower Tank, quickly burning up the Bunker's oxygen. The Task force Crew could just imagine the tangy smell of burning metal, and, the sweet sickly smell of burnt flesh.

The picture was lost along with the Croc. as the 2nd. and 3rd. underground floors of the Bunker went up, along with the secret catch of detonators for Nuclear Shells were destroyed(the underground blast doors still were waiting to be installed). The flying derbies were carried close to the speed of sound and some hit the secondary spy drone, causing a auto-return to the carrier(where black Ops persomel would attend to it).

Meanwhile in a cordon off part of the inside hanger of the carrier, dozens of worldwide moinitors , were passing info., and, in the Brit. Section Sgt. Kenner of Bath U.K., a man in his seventies, was reporting that his croc. was out of action, and, requesting any variations of his particular machine for continuing use, the Sgt. was a bit tired, being in his seventies, but, having been one of the few British army personel still alive from WWII to have actually worked on a Croc. Unit, he found the situation of being "drafted" by British High Command not much of an inconvience(the danger pay was fabulous along with a scholarship for his youngest grandaughter to M.I.T. Boston a great help,and, how many Sgts. had Sgt. Majors and a Lt. or two working on his team to make him confortable in his duties).

He switch onto a satellite screen as it started to transmit, the picture, in real time, of A.A./A.T. guns and missiles hitting his armour and visa versa, in his mind he saw it all in slow motion the action allowing him to react as needed, or, correcting or helping the other human team leaders as needed, as he called up the only varient of a Churchill Croc. Tank he had left in his use. He saw on the beach the Ramp and Crab Shermans(bridging and minesweeping models) were out of action as a Sherman Bulldozer pushed them aside, and as a Flame-Throwing Sherman was clearing out machine gun nests, also a Panzer MarkIV with its snorkle was coming out of the water(why some appeared near or far from their targets was still a mystery to him).

Meanwhile the smell of burning things, and, screaming was heard thruout the Bunker's outer defenses as a pair of hand held anti-tank missiles took out a "Elephant", the cheer of joy was soon cut short as another Croc. Flamethrower appeared and turned onto the missile firing pair.


Offshore a small Floatilla made up of a Destroyer group, Command Cruiser, and, a Escort Carrier still inside International waters were coming to the Bay Entrance, and, were making manuevers for flank speed to go back into open sea. The Battleship Yamato appeared a nautical mile ahead of them, as a small defending fleet made up of Destroyers, Destroyer Escorts, Corvettes(three of each), and, a pair of small surfaced diesel subs. flanking the defenders, prepared to engage the Yamato. The Battleship had the drop on the defenders as they tried to confirmed on rader that such a large ship was indeed ahead of them(not believing their visual lookouts). About hafe of the bay defenders cease to exist as the main guns fired on them(it did not help being so bunched up togethere, making them a target rich area), the remainder fled to open waters hoping the Task Force would ignore them(the latter found it hard to believe that the entire enemy fleet had ceased to be a effective fightning force).


Except for an enemy's Exocet Ship to Ship Missile scoring a direct hit on the now diable bow turret, the Yamato began to shell her primary target(a concrete causeway connecting to a large unfinsihed oil rig transporting a deadly cargo to it). Meanwhile a Pacific Gato sub. let loose a spread of six bow shots at the same world's largest oil rig(stilled not finished and moore inside her protexted harborette), the rig was also a N.B.C.(Nuclear,Biological Chemical), Launch Complex. Earlier on a lone pair of Lancaster bombers dropped bouncing bombs that had breached the east wall of the harborette, allowing the Gato sub. attack. Overhead F4-U Squadron(made up of all its WWII varations), dive bombed the Oil Rig Ops.

Center. Out at sea a squadron of all varations of E-Boats let loose their torpodoes at the still shattered but standing Oil Rig Leg, by then mines and rerouted Anti-Cruise Missiles and Harbor Guns had taken their toll of the F-4Us and one of the E-Boats. Nearby a materilized flight of B-17s(A-J varations), dropped their dumb Iron Bombs on the phoney oil rig, these explosions seemed like a better Hollywood Special Effects, thought the Task Force Commander from the now rapidly retreating fleet(as it was reported earlier to the admiral of increasing radation buildup in the bay area).

Perhaps it was a unsecured warhead of mass destruction , that was in the wrong place at the wrong time,in the phoney oil rig or causeway or Bunker, that went off, it vaporized a A-26 Black Widow Pathfinder Bomber while the rest of the group was shooting up the superstructure of distant docked tankers, also the Fighter Squadron of modern day jets sent to stop them was destroyed in the intial Blast Wave.


A lost thought the admiral, it was wanted the complete removal of all nuclear weapons , once resistance was reduced , but, with the explosion all troubles of destroying said materials was moot, along with anything else on the B&C scale. She watched thru a special satellite feed with built in filters as the growing mushroom clould was seen on the screen(later it was determined it was smaller than a Hiroshima explosion, more like a nuclear shell to take out an armor/tank army). Meanwhile the fleet was going thru a Circle W with wash down procedures in accordance with Anti- N.B.C. standards.


The now accidential "Self Powered Oil Rig" lost in reality lessen a chance an I.C.B.M./Cruise type missiles would be aimed at Lower Mid-Manhattan,(much less any chemical or biological nasties), officially its nulclear power plant went "Critical" during some unauthorize testing, as the U.S.N. Task Force would now get orders to render humantarian aid to the small coastal town of El ______.


Outside near the clean scrub down "Island " of the escort carrier, a young man stood in thought waiting, mentally calculating the list of armor spent, while three assistants using Hologram laptops were working on any potential repairs for any survivors and tallying any available armour left for future missions.

Most of the bombers survived(except the B-26 Black Widows), sans the fighters most were lost, at the end one tank busting Stuka & a Hawker had destroyed a two car convoy of the late leader and builder of the now defunk oilrig/missile base.

Meanwhile most of the sub fleet and Battleship Yamato had trapped tween them the remainder enemy fleet, which was ordered to abandon their ships and open their sea cocks. The gato sub in the bay was blown to pieces by the blast wave.

A young girl only a year younger than the young man and carrying a sleepy third grader holding a wooden replica of a Gato sub., joined the young man and the trio would soon debrief each other about the use of their special abilities.


The next day at a meeting of the Joint Chief of Staff it was reported from the Operation Blue Book II Team, be continued...