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The Greatest of Wars - Report on WWII History


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Hey , Just to let you guys know this report is % 100 authentic and made by me regarding limitless fountains of information I've read over the years . If you wish to use this report for school or for your site plase give Ed some credit , hope this helps - Eddie
Instructions :
To read information click links  to open in a new window , some intro information below each link .

Axis and Allies

First page of Axis and Allie Powers , all the countries involved in WWII
Sorry but the fist 2 pages of the report came out this big

Axis and Allies Two

Same as above


Part  one of  five , Introduction ; difference between WWI and WWII tactics , innocent victims and Japan's greed .

WWII two

Part two of  five ; Battle of the Atlantic , Hitler's rule & Operation Barbarossa

WWII three

Part three of five ; US faces off , the counter attack in Africa and Italy joins the Allie cause

WWII four

Part four of five ; Allied powers takes over Germany , The battle of the Buldge , Hitler's suicide , Berlin's Fall , Victory for the Allies and Japan attacks

WWII five

Part five of five ; Final part , fall of  atomic bombs in Japan , percentage of deaths ,  the end of the War and prelude to the Cold War